The Crow's Court



Howlite is a borate mineral. It’s usually found in evaporite deposits and is relatively rare. It’s mined only in parts of the U.S. and in Canada, where it was first discovered in 1868 in Nova Scotia.

Howlite typically grows in small, irregular nodules shaped like a cauliflower head but only up to 1 cm in size. When howlite nodules do appear, however, they can reach a combined mass of up to 50 kilograms.


Howlite calms the mind and stimulates a desire for knowledge. 


This bracelet is made with 8mm beads. All of our bracelets are handmade in Maysville, Kentucky. Bracelets are double-threaded (spider threaded) with 0.6mm elastic cord for maximum durability. Knots are secured with glue and placed inside a bead and out of sight.


  • Natural Howlite


Choose from two sizes. S/M fits most standard wrist sizes. Opt for a M/L for larger wrists.


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