The Crow's Court

White Agate Bundle: Tree Of Life



Our rosewood beads are raw and un-waxed allowing them to absorb oil-based perfumes and essential oils.

Please note that adding oils may darken the color of your beads but it isn't very noticeable with dark woods. Don't add oils to the agate, it doesn't like that. 


This bracelet is made with 8mm beads. All of our bracelets are handmade in Maysville, Kentucky. Bracelets are double-threaded (spider threaded) with a 0.6mm elastic cord for maximum durability. Knots are secured with glue and placed inside a bead and out of sight.


  • Agate Stone beads 
  • Rosewood Beads
  • Tree of Life and Crow Charm
  • 1 6mm white agate only bracelet
  • 1 8mm oil diffuser bracelet
  • 1 10mm oil diffuser bracelet
  • Main color: White


  • S/M-7.5-8 Inches
  • M/L-8-8.5 Inches
  • L/XL- 8.5-9 Inches




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