The Crow's Court



Item Specifications:

  • Materials:
    • Amazonite (Naturally Occurring)
  • Bead Size:  8mm
  • Bead color: Pastel Blues
  • Metal Color: Gold / Silver
  • Double Threaded 0.6mm elastic stretch cords for maximum durability.

All bracelets are shipped within a padded mailer for protection. 

Each bracelet is handmade upon order.

Email us at for more size accommodations or special requests.

This is a larger bracelet, built with 8mm Amazonite stone. Amazonite is known as “The Gambler's Stone", thought to bring good luck, butttt we don't promise all that.

    This stone is easily identified by its pastel hues of blue & green. Often the stone will have its own personality with a few grey or yellow pieces. We offer this stone with accents of gold (we think it looks like a little gold tooth) or silver (filling)! Although it doesn't have the same pirate-y ring to it.

     If you're a minimalist when it comes to jewelry or like to have a piece you can wear with everything I recommend this stone. It's truly the wallflower of jewelry. Easy to pair with almost any outfit, & always subtle in appearance. 


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